Charter Insurance and Refunds

Published on Monday, 20th January 2014 - 1:52PM01/20/2014

Trip insurance: Bad weather is not a reason for charter cancellation unless insurance is purchased. Insurance is available providing a refund if circumstances beyond your control interfere with your charter. Cost is 8% of the base charter fee. Insurance will refund 85% of the charter fee if there is a family emergency. Plus it will give you a prorated refund of any day of your charter that has gale warnings. This must be purchased at the time of the charter booking.

Hull and liability insurance: Hull and Liability insurance is provided at no additional cost. All our boats have a 2% deductible in the event of major damage. For a boat that has a value of $100K that is a $2000 exposure. For an $800K catamaran that is $16,000 exposure. For the expensive catamarans we offer an optional "Hull damage waiver" policy which costs 5% of the charter amount. If purchased it reduces your exposure down to a manageable $2000.

Refunds   A 50% deposit reserves the boat for specific dates. Cancellation 90 days prior gets that deposit refunded minus cancellation fee of 15%  of the full charter amount.  Or we will reschedule with no penalty.

A cancellation 45 - 90 days prior to charter date, we will refund half of that 50% deposit minus the 15% cancellation fee, or we will reschedule with no penalty.

Remaining charter fees and security deposit are due 30 days prior to charter start date. 

Cancellation 30-15 days prior forfeits 50% of the charter fee., or we will reschedule with a 15% penalty

Cancellation less than 15 days prior forfeits 100% of charter fee.