Captained Charters

Published on Tuesday, 6th October 2015 - 4:27PM10/06/2015

Captained Charters

  We can provide a captain for a few days, or for a week.  Lay back and just enjoy your charter, or hone your skills with instruction. Maybe do a course and get certification. We can custom tailor almost anything, and we do it all the time! A common scenario is to take someone out on their first charter and stay with them for a few days while they get their confidence, and another is where we provide a captain for a week to run the boat.

 Cost depends if you are looking for instruction or just looking for a captain to run the boat. These costs are in addition to the charter fee:

  • $350 Day or $2000/week for non instructional captain (just to run and navigate the boat for you.)
  • $450 Day or $2500/week for instructional captain to achieve a goal (ASA certification, docking day or similar)

So for example, if you already had your ASA 101 and 103 and were looking to get your 104 and 106; you could charter one of our boats do the 104 and 106 in a week with an instructional captain. Cost would be: Boat for say, $3500, captain for $2700, and course fees for ASA registration/books/materials of $100 per person per course. Total of $6600. Courses taken separately for two people (104 and 106) is $6574 plus books. So for the same money as taking classes you could have a private course and a vacation! If you have three people you would come out way ahead!