Our Staff

Published on Wednesday, 24th December 2014 - 2:52PM12/24/2014

Mary Goff, Jim Spiro, Rob Lawnsby, and Todd Schumann Keep the wheels turning and your Charter experience top notch!

Rob runs the place and oversees the many details that need to come together so that your boat is ready for you on time.

Mary keeps the administrative arena running smoothly so that agreements get out, funds collected, and most importantly that your security deposit gets returned to you quickly!

Jim checks folks out to make sure skills are up to snuff, and manages the sales arm of the charter operation

Todd makes sure the mechanical systems are 100%, talks topped off, and the boat has gone through it's 50 point checklist before you come on board./ His is a vital role and he does it well.

 Not pictured is Kris Baker who heads up our cleaning crew. She does an amazing job in a very short period of time.  No matter what the challenge she gets done!